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This site is not an official site of Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo or the Growing Families Internatinoal (GFI) Ministry. The site administrators are Tom and Evangeline Reed. To read how the Ezzos' teaching on biblical ethics in parenting has impacted our family click here. To read the story of how we became friends with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo and came to create this site, click here.

Site Sponsors:

From across the United States and around the world, the individuals below are personally acquainted with the Ezzos. As ministry partners and friends, they stand not only in support of the teachings of the GFI ministry, but in support of Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo as well. Each person on the list attests to the character of the Ezzos in their own interactions with them. Some have known the Ezzos since the beginning of their ministry. Many of these couples and their children have been guests in the Ezzos' home and have been blessed by their gracious hospitality and their servant's hearts.

Additionally, all of these site sponsors have personally taught the GFI curricula and have witnessed the often life-changing transformations that take place in families when they encounter the Word of God practically applied to parenting.

These couples boldly stand behind the GFI ministry and the Ezzos themselves with gratitude for how their own families have been blessed and for having this teaching in a form that is so easily shared with others. Many other personal testomonies can be found on the testimonials pages.

Bill and Joan Grosser, Australia
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Turner, South Carolina
Chris and Chrisie Lim, California
Lance and Susan St. Clair, Kentucky
Joey and Carla Link, Iowa
Wayne and Danielle Sommerfield, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Jim and Debby Pearson, Tennessee
Dr. Robert and Gail Bucknam, Colorado
Pastor Tom and Dawn Randall, Washington
Pastor Jeff and Roni Hathaway, Washington
Ron and Cindy Wheeler, Missouri
Vlad and Natasha Zuev, Vyborg, Russia
Pastor Lee and Barbara McDowell, Texas
Jason and Heather Patterson, Iowa
Kent and Lisa Ousley, Kentucky
Gary and Charlotte (Char) Hodgson, California
Courtney and Shari White, Georgia
Stacy and Anne Ratliff, Oklahoma
Randy and Kathy Loewen, Illinios
Rod and Karen Kuhn, Indiana
Doug and Linda Strahm, Texas
Craig and Karen Lenz, Minnesota
Michael & Jody Krogstad, Texas
Kenton and Lisa Borger, Oklahoma
Pastor Keith and Tammie Crowgey, Georgia
Marty & Tricia McDonald, Illinios
Ed and Beth Blunk, Missouri
Bryan and Beverly Autrey, Georgia
Don and Julie Keating, Michigan
Lorin and Starla Miller, California
Eric and Roxie Ramseyer, Ohio
Don and Karen Kurtz, Ohio
Kyle and Kathy Foyer, Indiana
Ken and Karen Forden, Virginia
Rich and Julie Young, South Carolina
Ron and Flo Hopkins, Victoria, Australia
Dr. Greg and Sally Niemer, South Carolina
Jim and Rhonda Coman, South Carolina
David and Julie Miles, South Carolina
Tim and Cyndi Bird, Texas
Lynn and Lori Isaac, South Carolina
Paul and Becky Daily, Texas
Carl and Anita Couch, South Carolina
Craig and Dianne Wiggins, Pennsylvania
Fred and Christy Gray, California
Dr. Luke and Luona Nightingale, New York
Bo and Gloria Dudney, Tennessee
Tim and Patricia Lentz, California
Andj and Dorcas Li, Singapore
Jim and Monica Brown, Texas
Cedric and Kathy Tung, Texas
Michael and Diane Cadorette, Quebec, Canada
Blake and Jami Lyn Weber, Oregon
Paul and Paula Langley, California
Haroldo and Charlotte Sylva, Brasil
Kris and Mel Hayde, Sydney, Australia
Claude and Lidiya Tobgui, Melbourne, Australia
Greg and Cynthia Thackeray , Australia
Dave and Rebecca Kennedy, Alberta, Canada
Geoff and Jennie Purser, Australia
Terry and Barbara Cheney, Tennessee
Kraig and Anne Elliott, Iowa
More to come...

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