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Jennifer - Kansas, USA

I just wanted to write and say thank you! My husband's uncle & aunt handed down their "Preparation for Parenting" book and we later recieved a copy of "Babywise" from a friend.

Before our first was born, I was all against a "schedule"--I didn't want to be tied down to my baby's bedtime! But after reading the books, I gained a new understanding of schedule. It's not about starving your child or being a "mean" parent and letting them cry or even about "we have to be home by 6pm so the kids can be in bed". It's about teaching them, preparing them for life (yes, even as babies they can be taught!). I followed the basic concepts taught in the book and both of my children have slept through the night by 3 months. I find it interesting that all these critics say the medical experts tell them to demand feed. I have a friend who recently (in late 2007) had a baby. She wanted to demand feed, but her pediatrician told her she needed to schedule feed (the baby was a preemie). Go figure.

Both of my children (3yrs. and 9 months) were/are very happy babies and have NEVER been below the 50 percentile for weight--in fact, my son is off the charts! He's a very big boy for his age (all around, not just weight).

I've had friends that have done demand feeding and every single one of those babies have been demanding, needy, fussy babies. Even to this day, as toddlers and grade schoolers, they are needy. As a mother as well as a teacher, I know the importance of giving children boundaries and routines. Contrary to what they (meaning children!) may tell you, children thrive in a routine, structured environment!

I am sorry that the Ezzos and Dr. Bucknam are being falsely indicted for their wonderful books. May God continue to give you the strength to keep fighting the good fight!
God bless you.



Shary Arnold- Camp Pendleton, California, USA

Thank you so much for this site and your books. I wish I had more time at the moment to tell you all that the Ezzo's writings have done for me; maybe in time I'll take a couple hours to write it all out. Also, I greatly appriciate this site. I was trying to get to the root of why there seemed to be so many bad reviews of something that I found to be ground-breaking in my home, but mostly I came across simply more articles that originally sounded non-bias yet soon showed that I had wasted my time by reading something by someone who obviously had an agenda. This site really did shed light on the questions I had, and I am ever more confident that I am now, finally (as my personal pudding is proof itself,) doing the right thing as a parent. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sincerly, A Marine Wife
~Semper Fi
P.S. Previously, while unwittingly followingly what I now know to be AP advice, I actually looked into adoption. Since beginning the PDF concept, I truly knew and felt my baby was (is) a blessing, AND I very much so look forward to having more children. (Whereas before, a vasectomy was seriously considered -praise the Lord we were introduced to Babywise before we set ourselves up for regret.) Thank you, again.



Sarah - Alberta, Canada

As a brand new mom of a premature newborn (born at 36 weeks), I implemented the Babywise methods right away. I was nervous that my baby might be the one who wouldn't sleep through the night by the expected 12 weeks for premature babies. My husband and I are happy to say that our 12-week-old has been sleeping a full 8 hours at night for the last week and a half! What a blessing! And this method has given me the confidance as a first-time mom to know what my son needs and how to give it to him. My quality time with him is so wonderful because I'm not drained from tending to a high-needs, fussy baby. Thank you for your wonderful teachings - my marriage and my relationship with my son have benefited so much!



David and Angela Samudio - Minnesota, USA
Like many other parents, I spent a lot of time in observation of other families before getting pregnant. Then, I “kicked it into high gear” when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. I noticed a lot of differences in parenting techniques, a lot of stressed out parents, and a lot of confused parents who desperately wished they knew what their child wanted.

Once I heard about Growing Kids God’s Way and did some reading, I gained a wealth of confidence and walked into motherhood surprisingly calm and secure. I wasn’t like this before becoming a mother; this is why it is surprising to others.

With each book I read in the series, I am simply amazed at how accurate the Ezzo’s teachings are. When my first daughter was responding well to the PDF principles, independent play time, continuous nighttime sleep, waking up pleasant, happy demeanor, etc., I became an instant believer. But when our next daughter came along, I wondered if things would be the same. After all, “each child is different”. And while this is true to a degree, my husband and I decided that our end goal is still the same in how we parent. Sure enough, she is thriving just like her sister.

We could not be the parents we are today if it weren’t for the Ezzo’s wisdom and parenting philosophy. We are very grateful for having access to such wonderful, biblical parent education.

Angela and David Samudio


Jennifer - Florida, USA

Baby Wise works! I have a 7 1/2 week old, and I've been implementing the Baby Wise philosophies since the beginning. There are so many naysayers out there, but I'm wondering how many of them actually tried the techniques from beginning to end. My baby, out of a twelve hour nightly sleep cycle, only wakes up once. We are now beginning the next step, which is sleeping through the night entirely. This has been a life-saver to my marriage and stress level. Sadly, I have friends who have 8+ month olds who still wake up 2-3 times a night, and they can't believe how well my son is doing. Additionally, my son seems better adjusted during the daytime hours, as if comforted in the security of having been given a schedule and routine. Please give Baby Wise a chance. You will be creating and raising a better-adjusted child who will thrive, thrive, thrive in the long run. I'm witnessing it with my own son, and through my friend who has twin premie girls (they started sleeping 12 hours through the night at just 3 months of age)..



Mr. & Mrs. Valdez - Florida, USA

Hi, I am thankful to have found your site. It has provided me some answers I needed. To begin let me say my husband and I have been blessed with three children ages 5,3 and 1 and Christians who seek to bring up our children to love and obey Him. We are getting ready to enroll our daughter at a private school and a prerequisite was GKGW. We went to purchase the material on line and were amazed about all the horrible stuff said about the books. We have read and applied Babywise with all three, and we have been happy with the results. Our kids thrived on a routine. It provided me a great guide especially with my first child. While we were grateful for the book and tips, we also applied common sense and our parenting sense. We prayed and if our child was unconsolable during nap we picked them up and allowed them to sleep on our chest. This probably happened three times with each child. I never felt I "disobeyed" God or failed to apply to book.

To us this book was a great resource not a substitution to our intuition. The bad stuff written on many sites about Babywise and GKGW speak as it is meant to substitute parenting it is meant to guide you in your parenting, but each mom and dad knows their child best and while we all want our kids trained to be good listeners, respectful etc. each child's personality is different and each parent will find a different way to accomplish that with each of their kids. I never felt like this was a book to guide me to be a drill sergeant, but gave me some great direction. I guess what I'd like to know since you know a lot more about GKGW than I is am I right on my thoughts? Yes we do want to raise our kid's on the instruction of the Lord and GKGW and Babywise both give many tips on how to accomplish that also what our standards should be. BUT it is up to the parent to also know when to apply a good measure of mercy and grace. This great books and course are not meant to replace our parenting intution, but give us a biblical perspective and what our goals are and tips on how to get there. Please reply when you get a chance to tell you the truth I am almost afraid after reading all this awful stuff. I do believe in my heart that this are help books but not "follow the recipe or fail" books.

In Christ,

The Valdez Family


Karen Richards - South Africa

Dear Ezzo Family,


This is our story of now being part of your folks, with no turning back:


My name is Karen and my husband is Tommie. We are both 30 years old, been married for 4 years and live in sunny, colorful South Africa. Tommie and I have realized that we are already a family the day we got married, and also a ministry, as where two or more gather in His name, there He will be.


We had so much uncertainty in our hearts about having children. The testimony of families these days does not formulate it for couples to still think about extending their family. We also live in a country with the highest divorce rate, and at the same time the utmost statistics for abused and street children. This does not create an exited, broody, romantic feeling for most women in South Africa.


Not long ago we met a family in Cape Town with the “perfect” children. With our stay there, we investigated their way of parenting, and were introduced to your courses. The “Jonck Family” was in reality one of the first families in South Africa practicing the “GFI” way of parenting. For the first time, we started to feel excited about the idea of having children, if that is the way it could be.


As soon as we found out I was pregnant we started to invest in your books and “googled” the internet for more information on your network in South Africa. We discovered “The Condrigan Family” in Johannesburg that presents your courses as part of their ministry and immediately made contact. We attended the Baby Wise course, and for months before the birth Tommie and I studied your literature into detail. Through this we also figured out ways to agree on certain issues of upbringing before our son arrived.


21 September 2007, Ethan – David was born. Today Ethan is a week away from four months and I would like to give you the outlined feedback.


In Hospital I chose to keep him with me, in order to focus and start exploring his routine. For various reasons we decided to bottle-feed, but this was not going to stop us. As from the first feeding, 20 minutes after birth we aimed for full feeding. The nurses did not appreciate me waking him every 3 hours for a feed, and was even more annoyed at night time for doing it.


By the time we left the hospital 4 days later, Ethan was in a 3 – 3 ½ hour routine and drinking full meals. I was not fashionable with the hospital staff, although they did make the comment that my baby was the only one that has not cried once! Further to that I did not fear the cliché of the truth that will reveal at home as most mothers do.


Within our first week at home I could schedule a photo session, since I knew when his wake time was going to be. It was not much longer, and we started to invite some friends over that fitted into our healthy flexible routine. Relatives and friends did not identify with us being so calm, relaxed and even well rested. In fact, during the pregnancy everyone mocked and counseled us about the terrible days to come.


From 6 weeks I stopped waking him up after the evening feed, and by 7 weeks he was sleeping through without having to practice “sleep training”.


Just after this, the Pediatrician changed his formula, due to signs of constipation that was incorrectly diagnosed as Colic. Although these symptoms never interfered with sleep patterns, he started to become a bit unhappy during feeding times. With the change of formula, we had a fussy baby for 3 days, and actual sleepless nights for the first time.  Most people made the remark that “We told you the sleepless nights will start sooner than later”. After a couple of days, settling in to the new formula, he went right back into his old routine, and this was such a rewarding moment for us. We looked back, and could not imagine having such a routine on a daily basis, and truly know people that believe it to be normal.


At 12 weeks Ethan started to stretch his nights to anything between 11 -13 hours. Close friends and relatives started to take this especially personal. At this point we realized that it is most definitely the way of parenting that gives you certain results, and not the type of child you have, and that is why it seems to be such a sensitive subject in our day.


Well, we are now at 17 weeks and Ethan has started going on to solids due to his extra body length, more than doubling his birth weight and clear signs of hunger. This has once again not affected his routine as predicted by most people, he is actually happier than ever.


People tell us, that we have an easy baby, and they will only believe us if the next baby shows the same results. We have nothing to prove, but would like to know what will be said if we do……


Up until today, he has never shown abnormal signs of hunger, unhappiness or tiredness. He only practiced a few days of abnormal crying, and could identify it straight away. I have not experienced any form of baby blues, resentment or extreme fatigue. At the age of 3 months we traveled close to 3000 miles, with a sleeping and happy baby. Our marriage has grown from strength to strength, and we can do this all over again very easily.


I would like to save the best for last, and that is that my baby showed a low birth weight, and suffered a traumatic birth. He was also diagnosed with “apparent” colic and has had true reflux from day one. Not one of these things had an influence on our routine, and in the bigger picture of things we actually do not know our child other than healthy and happy.


Deep in our hearts we know the skills and wisdom from God we have been practicing and implementing into our lives are an investment into our future. We started to count our words around sensitive parents, and do not judge, but the truth is liberating. We are picking the fruits of our harvest in such early days; where most families hope for the best the day the child leaves home. Our focus for now is “Toddler Wise”, and we are looking forward to give you further feedback after this phase.


The Lord will bless your ministry from victory to victory and we pray that South Africa will grow within your network of alliance.


Kind Regards,

The Richards Family – Karen, Tommie & Ethan David


Beth - USA
I have worked with infants and toddlers in my career for over 5 years. I am also a first time mom and a friend from church reccomended the Babywise book to me. I first read the book while I was pregnant and the book seemed very logical to me. It did take me a few weeks to begin using the methods. When I did begin it worked out very well for me. When my daughter was born she seemed to have her nights and days switched. It took me about 11 weeks and I had her sleeping through the whole night. She continues to sleep through the night and she is 6 months old. There have been a few occasions where she has been woken up by the cats or outside noises, but she is able to put herself back to sleep within 5 minutes. I believe the parenting style that this book encourages has helped to give my daughter a wonderful personality. My daughter rarely cries, even when she is hungery, she knows when she will be fed. When she gets fussy it is nap time and all I do is lay her in her crib, she stops fussing nearly immediately and goes to sleep without crying.

I have seen some web sites that critisize the book and it's ideas, saying that it will make your baby not gain weight and be dehydrated. This is simply not true if you follow the book. My daughter went from 7lbs 9oz at birth to 8lbs at 2 weeks. She was in the 75th percentile for weight at 4 months weighing 14 1/2 lbs. My daughter is still breast fed 5 times a day and is growing and thriving. I have had comments on what a wonderful, flexible and sweet baby she is. I believe that much of my parenting success has come from the skills that I learned in the book. I do admit that it was not necessarily easy at first, the hard part was getting my daughter to sleep without being rocked. I didn't begin this until 1 month old. It took me a few weeks, but within a month she was going down for naps without crying at all. Knowing when my daughter will nap also helps me to schedule my day and know when a good time to run errands or make appointments will be.

My husband was a critic at first as well, asking how someone could be on a schedule. Now he is a firm believer as we have the easiest baby ever and we know exactly what she is needing when she is fussing, instead of having to guess. All in all if you follow the book as well as your babies needs than I believe that you will have a wonderful parenting experience with your infant.

Ruth - United Kingdom
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful insights into parenting. I am the mother of 10 children. Finding your books was an answer to a desperate prayer with my 5th as I could no longer cope waking every two hours through the night and looking after toddlers during the day. I started to use the sleep-feed-wake cycle and since then my babies have slept through the night within weeks rather than months and are such happy babies. My latest baby was born at 12 lb 12 oz and now at 16 weeks asks to go to bed by 6:30pm and doesn't wake again until 7am. He is happy and strong and wears size 6-9 months clothes already! Mothering an 'Ezzo' baby is such a blessing. Thank you.

Joy Mays- MO-USA
I came across your site and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate its candid, and yet, gracious, approach. A friend gave me the Babywise book when I was pregnant with my first of 3 children; I have used the concepts taught there with all of them, and have had great success. My children all were sleeping through the night by three months of age, and not one was unhealthy. Many people have remarked that my babies were unusually pleasant and alert, and that they wished THEIR kids slept as well as mine do! I credit Gary Ezzo's wonderful book with these great results. Thank you for your exhaustive website and truthful handling of the Ezzos' philosophies. I am looking forward to the day I can afford their materials on bringing up my youngsters.

Becca - Canada
Thankyou Ezzo's for sharing the wisdom that God has given you! My husband and I have a four month old little girl and she's sleeping through the night. We get endless comments on how peaceful, secure, content and happy she is as well. People also comment a lot on how confident I am as her mom (which is against my usual character). Thankyou for helping me become a confident mom of a happy baby! I'm interested in finding more wisdom God has given you in you childwise and teenwise etc. books. Thanks again!

Laura - USA
I want to personally thank you for your book On Becoming Babywise. I, along with my husband are foster parents to a child whom many would've called a drug baby. We were totally prepared to have a screaming child on our hands when we brought her home from the hospital.

We began the Babywise book techniques on her, and she took to them almost immediately. She is now 3 months old, and sleeps 12 hour nights. She is a very well adjusted baby. If this can work on a child coming from different circumstances than most, it can work on ANY baby.

We are also looking forward to taking your growing kids Gods way course at our church in the next few weeks.

Thanks again!

Judith Roque - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Thank you for your excellent ministry. Your parenting principles really work. Our home is a haven.. We get enough rest. Our newest addition, 3 month old boy is now sleeping through the night. Like his three siblings had done when they were babies. As for your critics: Have you actually tried breastfeeding on demand? Do you realize the exhaustion and toll on a new mother's body? How about rest and sleep? You have no idea! What a shame...

Judith Roque
Scot & Patty Shier - California
Patty gave birth to QUINTUPLETS on 1/23/96. Thanks to "Prep for Parenting," ALL 5 were sleeping through the night in under 8 weeks (after coming home from the hospital). "Prep for Toddlers" and "Growing Kids Gods Way" has been instrumental in raising our children. Thank you GFI!

Scot & Patty Shier
Charlie & Donna - North Carolina, USA
Hello. Our names are Charlie and Donna Weaver. We would like to take this opportunity to share our experiences with GFI materials and classes. We are "average Americans" whose lives have been touched by the lessons learned through GFI. Charlie is an active duty Marine and Donna is a stay-at-home mom with two children (a son age 4 & a daughter age 2).

We were first introduced to the program by reading Babywise but infertility problems and our chaotic lifestyle (we move every two years or so) made it difficult to attend any classes. During our first pregnancy we were inundated with books, magazines, and verbal advice from a huge variety of sources. It was wonderful when we finally had the opportunity to take part in Preparation for Parenting.

Much of the information seemed like common sense to us but it was nice to have a firm biblical foundation to start from. God cares how we raise our children. He cares about every detail of our lives. Why would He remain silent about such a great responsibility as child-raising? The answer is: He doesn't. God's Word is all we need to raise morally upright, well-rounded, obedient children.

Prep for Parenting helped us from the very beginning. We had never given much thought to how "orderly" an infant's schedule needed to be and some of our friends scoffed when we implemented the Feed/Wake/Sleep sequence. We had the rare opportunity to see the Ezzo's theories in practice because all our neighbors were pregnant with their first child at the same time we were. Our son had difficulty "latching on" and would not nurse properly during the first week. It was so comforting sticking to the routine and knowing things would work out. The doctors, nurses, and La Leche counselors all were frantic but God granted us peace. After that first week our son nursed wonderfully (there never was any explanation to what caused or cured the problem). Our son gained his proper weight according to the doctor's charts and everything was fine. Our neighbors struggled with exhaustion, frustration and children who never slept at night, cried constantly, and spit up regularly. We had none of those problems. We saw other couples endure marital strain, stress, and despair. We enjoyed peace and blessing from a happy, contented baby. Both our children were sleeping through the night almost immediately while some of our friends are still struggling with their toddlers and school-age children. After the help we received from Prep for Parenting, we were eager to take the Preparation for Toddlers class (Let the Children Come, the Toddler Way). We didn't find any useful strategies for dealing with whining, or highchair issues in any other source. While we sadly observed our friends struggle with their loud, whiny, unruly toddlers, we reveled in the joy of interacting with a quiet, happy child. Dealing with first time obedience was the biggest boon.

Handling children with consistency, respect, love and authority relieves so much stress for both parent and child!

Charlie & Donna Weaver
North Carolina
Hello! My name is Amy. I have a little boy who is almost 3 and a new baby due in June. Babywise SAVED MY LIFE when I was exhausted from from lack of sleep when my son was 2 months old. Within a few weeks of applying the techniques, my son was sleeping through the night and my sanity (and marriage) were restored!!! Who can argue with that???!!! As time has gone by, I've found more and more to agree with in the Ezzo material. The emphasis on moral development and self-control seem to be particularly important for growing a godly man and a successful learner.

I'm so excited to have found parents like you who actually LIKE the techniques and philosophy proposed by the Ezzos. I am always astonished at the level of negative "press" out on the web about Babywise, GKGW, etc. I have read the book several times and SERIOUSLY cannot see what is so extreme about it. It makes sense and allows for flexibility without tossing out all rules!! And that it's rooted in biblical principles just means that much more to me.

Jen P.
As the mother of three, now ages 6,8, and 10, I needed all the help I could use when my first child was born. A friend shared her Ezzo book on infant care (Babywise) and it just made sense. I was the first one in my husband's family to nurse, so I received quite a bit of unsolicitated advice. However, as my daughter regained her birthweight plus a few ounces by one week and continued to grow, gain weight, and truly become a beautiful bouncing baby girl, the relatives concerns were replaced with amazement as I was able to tell what my daughter needed depending on what time it was, and how long it had been since she last ate. Naps, fussy, bored, diaper changes were now not a guessing game and the only thing that changed was when a growth spurt had hit. Then I nursed more often but still scheduled to accomodate the needs of my daughter. I nursed her that way for 11 months, til she lost interest.

My next child was also an Ezzo baby and she too amazed the pediatrician by growing extremely well and remained on the 90% of height and weight until she leveled off at @ 1 year. She too nursed a little over a year. The third child was another Ezzo success. He was an eating machine, so the parent controlled feeding plan had the same time spans as his sisters' did, but I had to accomodate him as he grew by leaps and bounds. The Ezzo menthod of feeding worked for our family and allowed us the joy of having "stairsteps" without unneccessary issues. I would and have recommended it to those that are interested. People need to realize that any philosophy out there on child rearing is just that: a philosophy. We picked what fit for us.

Jen P.
Shari R.
From a mother of twin two year old boys:

Attending your (Toddler) class has been amazing for us. I think I have learned and implemented as much (if not more) from your e-mails as I did from the actual class. Here are some of our successes:

1) the boys are now happily doing playpen time for 30 minutes each morning. I shower and dress during this time.
2) the boys did blanket time for the first time yesterday for 15 minutes with no problems.
3) the boys did chair time for 5 minutes for the first time yesterday-I'm going to add two minutes a day until we get to 30 minutes.
4) Evan pitched a hissy fit two weeks ago about taking a nap and I had him fold his hands. He immediately quit screaming. We kept working on folding his hands and then he laid down doing that. He ended up going to sleep with his hands folded and mommy was amazed!!! Very cool. He now sits with his hands folded of his own accord quite frequently.
5) Sean and Evan (2) now put away the silverware, the tupperware and the water bottles that mommy fills. They are quite the helpers. We're now learning to set the table (silverware and napkins)

Basically, the TV is off, the kids are happy and our home is much more quiet and peaceful! Thanks so much for all you are truly a blessing!

Shari R.
A Mother - Christchurch, NZ
Thank you so much for your book. What an eye opener! With the utmost love and the best intentions, I had gone wrong in most ways with regard to feeding/sleeping patterns and breast-feeding. I followed the demand-feeding methodology. How deceived I was. Your book arrived at a point of desperation with our baby waking 8 to 12 times nightly and a four-year-old coming into our bed each night. Existing on almost no sleep, our marriage was suffering and we both decided we couldn't live that way anymore. A counsellor pointed us to your series. It turned our lives around.

A Mother
Christchurch, NZ
Kim B. - The Woodlands, TX
Since the fall of 1998, we have taken three of the courses in the series: Preparation for Parenting, Preparation for the Toddler Years, and most recently, Growing Kids God's Way. The information that we gained in each course has been invaluable. Nowhere else have I seen a biblically based parenting program that has not been influenced in some way by the prevailing cultural philosophies of the time.

This program focuses on the Bible and on God and encourages parents to do the same, and is endorsed by our pediatrician and several others in the area. A list of the blessings we have reaped as a result of taking these classes follows:

*We have developed a stronger relationship with God and a stronger prayer life, both individually and together as husband and wife.

*We have been able to prioritize our lives biblically, putting God first, our marriage second, and our children third.

*Our two children slept through the night very early, at 8 and 6 weeks, respectively, and were happy, easygoing infants/toddlers due to the use of a flexible routine.

*Our son, 3 1/2, understands that we consider others before ourselves and is already developing a love for the Lord.

*Instead of just training accepted behaviors into our children, we know that God, through us, is reaching their hearts little by little and day by day, so that they will grow into adults who love and serve Him.

*My sister, who just had her third child in three years, has also participated in this ministry in her town and is enjoying the same blessings.

Kelly and I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank both of you for all the time, energy, and commitment that you have put into this ministry. Our family is a God-centered family because of this ministry.

Kim B.
The Woodlands, TX
M. Rizzo - (review from
This is a wonderful book. I have a happy, healthy, thriving 5 month old that sleeps through the night. She needs nothing to fall asleep on her own and if she wakes up during the night she is able to go back to sleep on her own. She sleeps 10-12 hours a night and feeds at 4 hour intervals (approximately) during the day with 3 naps. Her schedule changes and is FLEXIBLE based on her needs. I don't follow this book to a "T", because like it says, "every child is different". Please keep in mind the people that are reviewing this book negatively have not read it cover to cover. It is easy to be misinformed when you take something out of context! I know this because, in no way does this book encourage starving your child or not bonding with them. Do you really think someone would write a book about how to torture your child?! It simply gives suggestions on time intervals for feeding (in accordance to the American Academy of Pediatrics), but it states....use your own parental judgement as to when your child is hungry, to use the clock as a guide. It encourages bonding with your child, rocking, singing, kissing, and cuddling. Just not to have to have a sleep prop to get your child to sleep. Children can and should learn to fall asleep on their own, It's the parents that have to learn that!

M. Rizzo
Julie S. Porter (from reviews)
To all those who think that following things in this book makes you a "non-loving" parent, have you ever heard about loving your child while they are awake? I mean, seriously, this book helped my two boys to establish great sleeping patterns and then I am a good mom when they are awake because I can actually enjoy them since I'm not tired! I have used this book with both my babies and now my kids sleep on their scheduled nap times, bedtimes, etc., while tons of my friends end up having numerous sleepless nights with various kids waking up throughout the night crying. So tell me, is it better for a kid to cry as an infant for only one to two nights or is it better they wake up crying for the next six years of their lives and struggle to go to bed? I believe what Ezzo really is teaching is that a schedule will help babies to feel confident in "knowing" what their day consists of. Isn't this true for so many of us? If we schedule ourselves, we can feel confident that we are accomplishing what we have set out to do. This is no different for children. They need love and support but also the confidence to know they can fall asleep on their own and that they can be ok without mom there every second of the night.

To those who say this book is written for uneducated or insecure mothers without mother's instincts...don't you think that's a bit of a generalization? I mean, give me a break. I'm a confident and caring mother, and I believe in this book and what it teaches whole heartedly...and yes, I have studied chidlren's psychology and believe babies need love...but I don't believe Ezzo is trying to say not to show your child love.

So, to all those who feel Ezzo is saying to not love them or cuddle them...don't forget the awake times, when any good parent would love and hug and cuddle and adore their babies anyway!

Julie S. Porter
P. Sass (from reviews)
My first child is now 6 and boy was this a great routine to set me up as a secure and stable new mom. THe breastfeeding just wasn't working on demand and I had no idea how much to feed so I did constantly and then I gave it up and move to the bottle with this method and wow. My son is a thriving (and has been) star athlete who has the skills and development of some 8 year olds physically, because he learned to sleep and play and eat on a schedule that optimized his resources.

Now 6 years later, I'm going to have my second son and as the owner of a small thriving business, you bet I'll get him on a routine to fit into our family. This works for me and everyone else involved but ONLY you can decide and I'm a little sick of the selfish attitudes of the negative reviews. THe positive reviews never lambast others for not using this method, but the negative reviews only focus on why the people following the method are wrong and even suggest that they are negligent in their love and care. Maybe there would be fewer bratty fat kids if there were fewer whiny selfish adults.

P. Sass
Working Mother of Two (from reviews)
I strongly recommend this book. I am a mother of two. My first child slept through the night at 8 months after using Richard Ferber's "Solve your Child's Sleep Problems". I was exhausted from breastfeeding every night by that time, and Dr. Ferber's book helped immensely. At 8 months of age, it took my son 3 nights until he slept through the night and he has ever since.

This book was recommended to me, and I read it while pregnant with my second child, hoping she would sleep through the night more quickly and easily than my son. I read the reviews first, but figured that the $10 was worth finding out on my own, whether or not I would try this method. I am so glad that I did. My daughter slept through the night at 6 weeks of age (she is now 10 weeks), just before I went back to work. It has made my life so much better by getting a full night's sleep. She never cried herself to sleep - it just happened naturally, as the book suggests. My child is very happy and content and seems to thrive on this routine. I am exclusively breastfeeding and pump while I am at work and have had no problems with my milk supply. My child is growing well - above the 80 percentile.

As for the negative reviews...based on their content, it is obvious that those women have not even read the book, much less tried to use the ideas on their own infants. My advice is to ignore those reviews - those women have their own agendas. I assume that they heard about the book at their "La Leche Meeting" and fired off a negative review without even reading or following the advice of the book.

I found the book extremely helpful and only wish I had known about it before my first son was born. If you are reading this, spend the money and buy the book. It is well worth it.

Working Mother of Two
Katie Crawford (from reviews)
I bought this book with much apprehension and ended up reading it twice while I was pregnant with my first baby, which ended up being twins. I highly recommend this book. I followed the advice for a feeding schedule and my twins were sleeping 8 hours throught the night at only 7 1/2 weeks old. By the time they were 9 weeks, they would sleep 10 to 12 hours at night. I have 2 of the happiest babies. I feel that having the schedule set has made not only the twins happy, but me happy as well. I am an educated woman and felt that this book had excellent advice. I have learned how to bond with my twins and have been able to feel secure in what I am doing with them thanks to the advice of this book. People are always astounded that the twins sleep so well through the night and often comment that I am lucky to have such good babies. They don't understand that it took some work to teach them how to do it, but it was definitely worth it. So, I highly recommend this book to any one who feels insecure about caring for a baby, I know it saved my life.

Katie Crawford
J. Knaus (from reviews)
When my son was 5 weeks old, I had been "demand feeding" him every hour and a half, because all he would do was cry. I thought because he was crying he needed to be fed, so I would nurse him literally every hour and a half. I was an exhausted mess. My friend suggested I read this book, and I swear it saved my life. I set up a schedule that worked for me and my baby, along the premise that you feed baby first, keep awake a while, then sleep, and stay on that routine. Within 3 weeks my baby was sleeping from midnight to 6AM and shortly after from 10:00pm to 6:00am. Was I was happy camper! He was never deprived. I used it for my 2nd child as well 6 years later, and on a schedule that worked best for our family and not as strict. There is no one book that tells you how to do it all as a new parent, but this one sure worked for me.

J. Knaus
A Reader From Texas
I am writing this review based on other reviews, and my feelings towards the book. I found the book to be very helpful. I am not one to follow a persons opinion blindly and thats what the book is,a persons opinion based on experiences. I use the book as a guide and not as the law. I do not agree with the attachment method because this method teaches your child to be dependent solely on the parent and not be dependent on themselves. I agree that parents should attend to there childrens needs and show lots of love and compassion. The baby wise book emphasises on keeping you child on a schedule, just as most people in this world are on. A child that cries does not always need to be fed or picked up they just want to cry. Each child is as individual as each person in this world and we were all raised in diffrent ways. I am just recommending this book to any parent that wishes to bring a regulated and healthy life style into the lives of their children and themselves. If you want your thirteen year old sleeping in your beds and getting picked on in school I recommend the attachment method.

A Reader From Texas
Sherri - California
I used this method for both of my children who slept through the night at 8 weeks and 6 weeks. The concept missed is the key word "flexible" as in "flexible" schedule. Use your head, people! A little common sense and some structure for your baby can make for a happy, well-rested family. Even though they are infants, they like predictability. Both of my children were always much happier when they felt the security of their regular daily schedules. I hope this helps potential readers of this book to understand its potential.

Sherri - CA
J. Burchill - Colorado
I was given this book while I was still in the hospital after delivering my son. Initially I had no intentions of reading it, I figured that I could do the mommy thing on my own. However, my husband read the book and asked me to do so as well so that we could have a common point of reference in our discussions.

What a surprise! The books was full of common-sense solutions as well as many new ideas that made both my husband and I think. Neither of us had any idea that this book was so controversial until we began looking for copies to give our other friends.

My son came home from the NICU at 9 days old and has thrived on a Parent Directed routine. The biggest criticism I see about this program is that it is a cruel program based on a rigorous schedule and that parents are required to let their children cry for hours on end. This is not so. In fact, the book warns against too strict of a schedule as much as it does about feeding your baby every time he cries.

This is what they call parent directed routine. You set a routine you want the baby to eat approximately every three hours (which is the schedule my son was on in the NICU, by the way.) If the baby is hungry earlier than that, you feed him. But, you make sure he is hungry first. Often a baby cries for other reasons than hunger. At first I didn't really believe that people will just automatically feed their child when he begins to cry. However, visits with my mother have changed my beliefs. Everytime my son cries she informs me that he is hungry, he sounds like he is hungry, I should see if he wants to eat, etc. She persists even when I inform her that he is fussy because it is nap time, or that he is overheated in the 98 degree weather.

One last comment. We recently returned from travelling for three weeks. There was very little of the familiar around us as we stayed in different hotels and family member's houses. Our days were just as chaotic with two weddings, three birthday parties and numerous other family functions. Through it all our baby was happy, bubbly, and stuck to his routines. Everyone commented on what a happy baby he is, and how lucky we are to have such a good eater/good sleeper. Lucky, yes, but luck isn't all of it.

J. Burchill
Kris and Mel - Sydney NSW (Australia)
Bringing a new baby home from the hospital was a great joy for us. The biblical principles presented in Preparation for Parenting enabled both of us to take a very active role in caring for and enjoying our precious little treasures. We were equipped with a basic plan that we adapted to fit each unique baby.

Kris and Mel
Sydney NSW (Australia)
Geoff & Alicia Bongers - Launceston TAS (Australia)
The great thing about Preparation for Parenting was gaining confidence as a new mother and father. We both came to a common understanding of our short and long term goals as a family. We could, with this new wisdom, give each other much more support than either of us ever imagined. We were both SO IMPRESSED with this biblically-based, common sense program that we have joined the Growing Families family with gusto-having the privilege of sharing with one family at a time, the call back to a biblical model for the family.

Geoff & Alicia Bongers
Launceston TAS (Australia)
CF - Australia
Sadly, my father passed away just after I was married and so he was not able to meet my new baby (physically in any case). My Dad had 7 babies of his own - my own mother marrying my father as a widower with 5 children had less experience with babies. I always remember my father espousing certain beliefs when people asked "how did he cope with so many" when they would have one baby and weren't coping. None of my siblings who have had children followed his advice and although their children are now all teens I remember they were always exhausted for the first 5 years for each child.

A friend recommended Babywise and many of the principles seemed to be similar to my father's advice, but with more information and all in one book. My husband and I practiced these principles from the beginning. Our 4 month old is a joy, for us and all his extended family - everyone cannot believe how well he sleeps, how well he has thrived (he was in neonatal care to begin with and now is top of the scale) and how happy he is. My siblings tell me how "lucky I am to have such an easy baby" but I am sure my father is laughing as I am, (quietly) knowing that luck had nothing to do with it. Thank you..

Nicholas and Clarice - Singapore
It's a joy to share with you how the ministry of Mr. & Mrs. Ezzo have blessed my husband and me.

We have one daughter, Letisya who is 20 months old now. When I was expecting Letisya, I heard about how babies were able to sleep thru the night as early as in their fifth week using the principles taught by Mr. & Mrs. Ezzo's Preparation For Parenting course. I enrolled for the course with only that objective in mind. Little did I know later that I've missed out a greater picture of parenting.

When Letisya was borne, I was so determined to follow the schedule strictly that I became so legalistic and forgot to look into context. I have missed out what Mr. & Mrs. Ezzo had been emphasizing: Relationships. Hence, I created many unpleasant moments and unnecessary tensions with my mother who was helping me out during that period.

But thank God for His grace & love. He directed me to read thru the course materials again. All those principles mentioned in the book became clear and practical to us when we look into the context of the situation. Not only Letisya was able to sleep thru the nights during her 5th week, but also our parenting process became a more enjoyable one for all of us. Though we made many mistakes along our way, God is always so faithfully in seeing us through the difficult moments and allowing us to grow as individual.

We have also benefited greatly from the Preparation for the Toddler Years & Growing Kids God's Way. There were many moments our hearts were so touched and encouraged by the sharing of Mr. & Mrs. Ezzo thru the video presentations and also from our course facilitators, Andj and Dorcas. The practical steps mentioned in the course have proven an effective tool for us in our parenting process. For example, Letisya was able to indicate her requests by sign language instead of whining when she was 9 months old and has progressed to making her verbal requests by saying "may I please," "thank you," and "welcome" just few weeks ago.

The principle of parenting in the funnel has also challenged us to be consistent in our parenting. We are blessed that Letisya knows her boundaries. So far, we have never needed to move our furniture or keep away any glass displays at home. Letisya's grand parents, aunties and uncles have also commented that Letisya is a joy to be with even when we are not with her. Of course, there are challenging moments & issues that we are still working on. However, having the assurance that God is always our ultimate source of wisdom and help and having gone through the GKGW, we are now more confident of the direction we are heading. We are reminded that parenting is a process.

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. and Mrs. Ezzo's ministry for helping us to be better parents and showing us the way to encourage our children to strive for excellence from the biblical perspective. May your parenting process be a fruitful one and God bless you richly.

Nicholas and Clarice

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