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The Chicken Story - a Tale of Regret

Once there was a foolish woman in a small village, who spread some gossip about another woman in the village. Before long the foolish woman began to feel remorse about what she had done so she went to the wise man of the village to ask him what she could do to make things right. The wise man listened carefully to her story, thought for a moment, and then told her to go to the market and buy a chicken. On the way home from the market she was to pluck that chicken letting the feathers fall along the path. The next day she was to come back and see the wise man again.

The foolish woman did as the wise man suggested. She bought a chicken and plucked it on the way home. When she came to him the next day she told him that she had done what he asked her to do. The wise man said to her, "Now, I want you to go home today by the same road you took yesterday, and pick up every single feather you dropped along the path." The woman was distraught, and protested that there was absolutely no way she could find and pick up all those feathers. The wind would have surely blown them everywhere!

The wise man quietly responded, "You are correct...and you see, just as you can never retrieve all those feathers, there is no way you can ever restore the reputation of the woman whom you harmed with your words."

Whether or not the gossip was true is beside the point. In the case of the Ezzos, much of what has been used to try to destroy their reputation is not true. But that has not ameliorated the damage, because even Christians are quick to believe the worst, and will pass along all kinds of unconfirmed information without ever stopping to consider whether it is true! Once the damage is done, there is no way to go back and repair it.

We urge those who may have personally passed along negative information about the Ezzos and the GFI ministry to consider the implications of this story. The damage done to one man's reputation is not as important as the damage that may have been done to the Kingdom of God. Because often well-meaning people have freely shared negative information they believed to be true, countless numbers of churches and individuals have chosen not to use the GFI resources over the years, and some of you reading this page bear some of the responsibility for that.

Like the wise man in the story, we can't help you pick up all the feathers, but if you are a true believer, you will no doubt want to seek the Lord about what He might want you to do to help make it right.

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