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Testimonials: On Becoming Childwise, The Series
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Mrs. Lorraine Sanderson - Western Australia
Mrs Lorraine Sanderson, Wife of His Excellency the Governor of Western Australia "Having read the books and viewed the videos for On Becoming Childwise, The Series, I am very happy to open the launch of the program". Mrs Sanderson was an Early Childhood Teacher, mother and now is a grandmother and is excited about what this program can do to assist families and communities.

Richard & Hilary A. Facilitators, Bickley, West Australia
Having facilitated the "On Becoming Childwise, The Series" parenting program with both parents and teachers at our children's primary school we have been encouraged by all the positive feedback we have received. Parents who have applied the principles learned early in the course have been amazed at the almost instant changes in their children's lives that will be long term. It has given parents confidence in their parenting. Parents have also been encouraged and grateful that the teachers not only completed the course but have given very positive feedback and are promoting it to other families both within and outside the school community. The fact that both parents and teachers are striving for the same goals will have a huge impact on the children, their families, their community and in turn our nation as a whole.

We believe that when more families have access to this material and as the principles are applied the incidence of child abuse and youth suicide will decline. It promotes a real focus on a strong family identity and provides a stable and happy environment in which to raise children who are secure, confident and able to reach their full potential in life."

Richard & HIlary A. - Facilitators
Bickley, West Australia
Lyndell and Tim K., Facilitators, Walliston, West Australia
"Tim and I have just completed On Becoming Childwise, The Series with some parents from Walliston Primary School. Here are some of the comments and feedback we have had over the course.

Many of the couples expressed that doing this course gave them back a sense of dignity and purpose in being parents. They believed that our society has tried to make parents feel that they should not put boundaries on their children for fear of suffocating children's personalities. This in turn has undermined their confidence as parents to the point of wondering what distinguishes children from Mum and Dad! They now have the assurance that its OK to make decisions for their children while training them to grow in their ability to make decisions themselves. It's OK to be a parent!

Another comment was that spending uninteruptable time as a couple in view of the children (couch time) gave their children the sense that Mum and Dad's relationship is very valuable. This, coupled with the love languages, gave the families involved a greater sense of thoughtfulness and appreciation for all the members of the family. One particular couple said there has been more harmony in the family as a direct result of putting these two principles into practice.

One mum said that she use to drop the kids off at school, screaming at them all the way. Then when she arrived at work her colleagues would make her take time to collect her nerves before commencing the day's tasks. When she came to the second class her comment was that everyone at work wondered if her children had been sent away on holiday. She was a different person. She kept saying throughout the course, "You just wouldn't recognize our family anymore!"

Another couple said that they appreciated the use of phrases that were suggested such as "Do you have the freedom?", to alleviate or redirect an otherwise no-win battle. One Mum declared that she simply didn't like it and would never think of using such a phrase to her teenage girls. However the next week she was the first to advocate the delights of a co-operative, smooth, on-time, family. And she only had to use one quietly spoken sentence!

These are a few of the jewels given back to us as we presented ,On Becoming Childwise, The Series. What greater reward could there be! Thank you for the opportunity to pass on such wisdom."

Lyndell and Tim K. - Facilitators
Walliston, West Australia
David and Alison L. - Cooma, New South Wales
"Before we discovered this material, we were aggressive, reactive frustrated parents. We often felt confused, and so did our children. On Becoming Childwise, The Series has transformed our family. It is not a "quick fix" of clever strategies, but a firm foundation of principles on which to build a family which grows in love and mutual respect, and a concern for the value of each individual in our society."

David and Alison L.
Cooma, New South Wales
Alan and Julie Richardson - The Vines, West Australia
As we observed today's kids it seemed the philosophy of childrearing was "let kids direct their own lives and eventually they will come around to "acceptable" behaviour". We felt there must be something better than that. Having found and been delighted with the first two paperbacks in the On Becoming series we were very enthusiastic to attend the very first On Becoming Childwise, The Series program to be facilitated in Australia. It exceeded our expectations.

In addition to discovering the importance of our husband/wife relationship in parenting, we learned how to raise a morally responsible child, how to show our children we really love them and what discipline is really about (heart training),so our children will do what is right by choice and not coercion.

Alan and Julie Richardson
The Vines, West Australia
Mary and Gino - Perth, West Australia
Participating in the first On Becoming Childwise, The Series, was a god-send for us. It has revolutionised our lives, enhancing our relationship and bringing order, direction and confidence into our parenting"

Mary and Gino
Perth, West Australia
Damion Russell - Salisbury, Qld
"I was never prepared for the raising of children. I could only aspire to being good a role model for my own children. I soon discovered I really had no idea how to install good values. Through the teaching videos, On Becoming Childwise, The Series by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo I very quickly obtained the knowledge and understanding of my children to help them grow and mature as I could only dream of before."

Damion Russell
Salisbury, Qld
Karen and Paul Byrnes - Atwell, W.A.
In our class we had ten parents representing nine families. Over the 10 weeks we watched these parents get excited with the information they received, and listened eagerly as they discussed with us and the class the benefits they had received from the principles they had learnt on how to raise a responsible, moral and virtuous child. We think what was more exciting though, was realising the impact this course had on the enhancement of the family structure within the community. From this one class we had many referrals of parents interested in participating in the next program being run. This was mainly due to the good reports of the people who had already completed the course. This program has bought hope and encouragement to the parents in our class.

Karen and Paul Byrnes
Atwell, W.A.
Bill and Joan Grosser - Perth, W.A
Having initiated On Becoming Childwise, The Series, in Australia in July 2002 we have been overjoyed to see the continued response of parents from the classes we have facilitated to their role as parents. These parents are now confident, and competent in their parenting and have willing hearts to continue to learn and grow with their children in a loving, nurturing way. Although we are grandparents, we will be continuing to support as many parents as we can all over Australia through the use of this very practical program as we see that this is the very foundation from which our society can be build and become strong. We need a morally responsible nation and we believe this starts with each individual family.

Bill and Joan Grosser
Perth, W.A.
Peter and Lorraine Pennycuick - Northern N.S.W.
We have one course running currently with 7 families and an interesting variety of people. There is one man who had recently begun a relationship with a lady with two children and thought he'd better find out something about parenting. He has really taken to the course and is leaving his book around for his partner to read and they seem to be implementing it reasonably well.

There is another lady who's husband works late and so he can't come, but when he gets home at 7:30pm they are still endeavouring to have couch time. One night he brought his boss home for tea and when the boss started to talk to his father, the child informed him that he'd have to wait until mum and dad had couch time!

This same lady explained the "freedom" principle to her very bright 4 y.o. with reference to putting his toys away when he had finished playing with them before going outside or onto something else. Then she pulled out some of his toys and played with them before getting up to go out, but the little boy stopped her and informed her that she didn't have the freedom to leave his room! Kids really do catch on!

Another family have had the problem of their 10 y.o boy getting up in the night and coming into their room and sleeping on the floor. After the first week of couch time, they reported that he had stayed in his room for the first time ever! The next week he only came in a couple of times.

Peter and Lorraine Pennycuick
Northern N.S.W.
Merran and Gavin B. - Baldivis, W.A.
We have just finished last Saturday with a group of 11 parents and what a blast. Everyone had so many great things to say about the series and have seen some wonderful results take place. We have developed some great friendships and networking happen through running the group. To finish the series we all went out for dinner on Sunday night.

We are due to start again this week and are very excited about getting into it again...

Merran and Gavin B.

PS They are all asking when the preteen series is coming on video!!!
Terri M.
On Becoming Childwise, The Series has helped me in having eldless light bulb moments. Some things I knew and perhaps had forgotten. I love the morals, values, virtues and things that society has forgotten. I'm glad I've been reminded. The new skills I have learnt have given me the confidence to parent effectively and hopefully raise children that we can be proud of and that other people will think how wonderful they are. Some of the positive benefits in our family are that we are being kinder to each other and creating our family identity making our whole family feel secure and loved. Finally eventually having a much more pleasant environment in our home.

Terri M.
Loretta P.
On Becoming Childwise, The Series has helped me in communicating with my husband and children along a journey of love and respect for each other, knowing that each one is precious and loved. I am enjoying being a parent more than I could have imagined. I am looking forward to the "teen years" which are just around the corner. As a parent I am learning to have resolve behind my instructions. I'm loving the direction and skills I have learned when my precious daughters need correction and guidance in relation to behaviours. I am able to use these precious times to educate and guide them along the pathway of being moral and virtuous. I am confident that our household is well on the way to being a harmonious one. Thank you so much for the privilege of sharing these practical words of wisdom and principles.

Loretta P.
Deanne M.
On Becoming Childwise, The Series has helped me in reinforcing the fact that I have always had the correct tools, I just needed to learn how to use them effectively. This has regained my confidence in my parenting skills. I have also learnt that what we do for our children now is really the future and it helps them to be better adults. The positive benefits in our family are that I have learnt to understand and appreciate my children's point of view but still being the parent when needed. Being able to talk to my children better and knowing that there are other parents out there with the same problems and questions.

Deanne M.
I thought the On Becoming Childwise, The Series course was fantastic. It has opened my eyes and taught me so much not just about parenting but about myself. I highly recommend the course to any parent. I think the discussion sessions at the beginning of each class were very informative. It was good to share problems and talk about the things we had discovered about how we parented our own children.

I remember one night looking at my husband after trying once more to manage my six and four year old daughters through their nightly routines. You know, "Have you done your homework?", "Pack away", "DON"T fight with your sister", "Time for showers... NOW", "Don't mess around at the dinner table", "Just go to bed you have already been to the toilet, no you cannot have another drink, stop talking and go to sleep", this was not what I had envisioned when I dreamt of my family. Where was the harmony, where was the joy, none of us were enjoying this family time - instead it was becoming a nightmare. I had seen an ad for On Becoming Childwise, The Series and decided to take control! I made a commitment to dedicate one morning a week to focus on gaining new skills and perspectives on parenting. After our first session I was relieved to find that I was not on my own and there were very simple solutions to my problems. Throughout the course I experienced many "Ah ha!" moments as the course gives great insight into why children do what they do. Every week I came home renewed and full of ammunition to face another week on the home front.

Better than reading any parenting book, cheaper than seeing a behaviour psychologist and definitely more fun!!!

A must do for any parent!

The Childwise teaching we were given, is still well and truly being used here at our home. I often chat with some of the other Mums from the course, discussing how it's going post Childwise.

Gosh, what it meant to me.......I guess the biggest "light going on" was the popular "Blue Cup Red Cup" chapter. I have unknowingly made a huge mistake by allowing my children too many choices and decisions about day to day issues too early in their lives. This realisation and subsequent correction post childwise has stopped the power struggles that used to exist.

I learnt about how my husband and I differ on parenting styles and how his way is quite often better for us. A point I would not have arrived at (just because I had never thought about it let alone analysed it) if we hadn't done the course. The course also gave me a huge sense of achievement in that we are doing many things well, giving me confidence to continue in this vane and expand it.

But finally I am so pleased my husband attended with me, firstly because it explained all the reasons why Dads are so very important in their children's lives and ways to utilise that. In addition we both got all the "AH-HA's" at the same instant. He would get a different angle on the evenings lesson and the 30 minute drive back home would be a fascinating discussion. It has improved our relationship, the relationship with our three beautiful children and helped our day to day life run smoother. What more could a busy Mum wish for? I'm really looking forward to attending the next On Becoming Childwise, The Series unit.

I could go on and on!!! I'm so glad we did the course.

When I watched the "red cup/blue cup" video segment on On Becoming Childwise, The Series [by way of introduction at a school parent night] my attention was completely captivated. What if it was as simple as attending a 2 hour course once a week for 10 weeks! A course that would give me common sense guidance and practical techniques on how to deal with my four year old son, our only child and how we could operate in harmony as a family. The whole experience surpassed my expectations.

I think the single most important element I got out of the course was "couch time" - sitting down with your partner at the end of the day for 15 minutes and talking (in front of the kids but without interruption). That alone took care of several behavioral problems we were having with our son. Each week brought the group so many "ah ha" moments and the wonderfully inciting chats we had at the end of each video were totally invaluable. If you love your kids and partner and really want to do something for them with lifelong value then sign up for this course ASAP.

One last point, once we covered the first few chapters we realized how imperative it was for our husbands/partners to attend. The 10 weeks fly"s by before you know it ad at the end of the course you"ll be so glad you both made the effort.

Why was this course good? This course has helped me with my own self control, diligence and self discipline. Self control - not yelling, being able to stay calm and in control of myself and my children. Because of this course I have developed diligence and self discipline in monitoring what comes out of my mouth and in following up on what I say I will do.

This course is helping me create the family life I want for everyone in my family. It is not just about discipline but about creating the wonderful family life everyone dreams of. I never had this as a child. Thank you for helping me fill in the gaps so I can give my children this blessing.

Our course facilitator, gave us a hand-out every week, relevant to that week's lesson. e.g. On the week we talked about "couch time" she gave us a couch time magnet. When we talked about the golden rule, she gave us the golden rule printed on gold paper. One side of my fridge is now completely the "Childwise" zone.

What is so great about this is that every week my children eagerly looked forward (aged 7 and 4 ") to what new thing would be on the fridge. It has really helped them become active participants in this process of developing our family life, rather than just recipients of my learning. It has also helped my husband learn as he was unable to do the course with me.

Also we all see the fridge every day - we take stuff off to talk about at meals etc and this has really helped our learning and remembering new patterns of being family. I am very grateful for the work that has been put into us.

Lola B.
On Becoming Childwise, The Series has helped me in that I do not feel guilty about asserting authority. Our children are happier and there is a great out flowing of love which is beautiful. We have picked up on areas which need attention and suddenly I know why some areas have been so problematic. At one stage I was quite depressed but the course has really given me a new sense of direction and excitement about parenting. There are many practical tools taught which can be applied to achieve desired outcomes and I realise this is all a process. It takes time. Some positive benefits in our family are less conflict between my husband I regarding parenting. We are coming from a common ground and aiming for the same standard. Our kids are more secure. Communication is opened as plenty of discussion about the course has resulted.

Lola B.
Paul D.
Childwise has helped me in understanding the process needed to teach our children to become great children and me to be a great parent. Some of the benefits in our family have been teaching the child life skills in a positive manner as well as the importance of investing in parent child relationships.

Paul D.
Jenny L.
I would like to let you know how grateful I am that you have brought this course to the Atwell Community. There were so many times when I felt that the course was defining my children and the issues we have in terms of responsibilities, trust and morality in our home. I really feel that the course has given our family a framework to work in and to group from with our ultimate goal as parents to raise responsible, respectful, loving and moral children that will be a joy, not only to us, but to others as well. Wow! What a challenge. There are a lot of small steps before we reach this goal, but I feel confident that by persisting with the practical and commonsense guidelines from the course that we will get there. It was certainly encouraging to see that by implementing some of the suggestions in the course real changes could be seen in as little time as a week. There were some revealing moments such as recognising the family members love languages which taught me something about not only my children, but also my husband and I. Raising a moral child and raising a virtuous child were so relevant to our eldest daughter. I found it encouraging to be shown real ways of instilling a sense of otherness instead of self-centredness in my children. All in all I would strongly encourage all parents who have the opportunity to participate in this course to do so for the benefit of their children and the family unit.

Jenny L.

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