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Eric Abel

Eric Abel was employed by GFI during a time of rapid ministry growth. According Gary Ezzo, Eric Able joined the Staff at GFI in the Fall of 1992 and brought innovative and creative ideas to the ministry. Trusting Eric almost as family, he rapidly moved into a position of significant influence, serving as an advisor to Gary Ezzo. But as the ministry began to grow, it became apparent that Eric's personal ambitions and ministry methods were in periodic conflict with the staff, Regional Directors, and the Ezzos themselves.

By August of 1994, the matter came to a head and that is when Gary Ezzo graciously informed Eric that "it would be best to bring our public ministry partnership to a close." We have seen documentation of this notification. Accepting Gary's decision, a few days later he submitted a letter of resignation as Director of Ministry. Most noteworthy in his resignation letter and a follow-up note were supportive comments Eric offered the Ezzos regarding the ministry. There was never any documented evidence that Eric Abelhad integrity issues with Gary Ezzo or the ministry while Eric worked at GFI.

The Ezzos did not want to have their GFI decision reflect negatively toward Eric. The Ezzos encouraged Eric to stay on staff as long as he needed to make his transition. They opened a new position for him in the graphics art department. Eric accepted this invitation and stayed for the next sixteen months and left in 1996. We have documentation of this fact. When reading Eric's internet posting, none of these facts are revealed. As casual observers, we believe that Eric's public internet postings provide sufficient evidence as to why the Ezzos needed to bring their public ministry partnership to a close. For a specific response to some of Eric's assertions, please see the file below.

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