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Dr. Dobson has done much for the Christian community and, while we do not agree with everything he teaches, we do appreciate his efforts for a united Christian family.

Sadly, we also believe that Dr. Dobson has fallen short in the area of being accountable for bearing false witness against a fellow brother in Christ and the ministry that he represents. His position statement regarding the Ezzos and Growing Families International is clearly inaccurate and in our opinion, intellectually dishonest. Rather than examine the veracity of the negative statements about the Ezzos floating around on the Internet, Dr. Dobson has allowed them to be restated as the official position of his organization. One would hope that he and his staff had done their homework before taking such a position, but clearly they did not and he bears the responsibility for that failure. We have personally communicated with Focus on the Family (FOTF) regarding their misstatements about the Ezzos. Copies of our letters are included below as downloadable PDF files. In our letters to Focus we show how the statements made in their position paper have been thoroughly refuted, presenting facts and documented evidence. To date, in spite of three separate letters trying to draw their attention to concrete examples of inaccuracies in their position statement, Focus has refused to change its statement or even to respond to the last two letters.

One example of clear dishonesty (and hypocrisy) levied by FOTF against the Ezzos and their ministry is the criticism that Growing Kids God's Way has an air of exclusiveness to it, suggesting that the Ezzo way is the only way to raise children. This is thoroughly refuted by quoting an excerpt from the Introduction to GKGW: "As was the case in previous editions, this curriculum is not intended to give all the answers or provide the reader with all he or she will ever need to know about the process of raising a child. Therefore, parents, guided by their own convictions have the ultimate responsibility and duty to research parenting philosophies available today and make their own informed decision as to what is best for their family. GKGW is just one resource out of many available to guide parents along the way." Compare this to an interesting advertisement we found for Focus's book, The Complete Book of Baby and Child Care. The promo reads "...the ONLY comprehensive credible guide to child-rearing from a Christian viewpoint...From infancy to adolescence, it's EVERYTHING you need to raise healthy, happy, HOLY kids..." (emphasis ours). Now, that sounds pretty exclusive! Come to think of it, if you take the grammatical construction literally, it excludes Scripture as a necessary source to help a parent raise "healthy, happy, holy kids."

Similarly, Dr. Dobson criticizes the Ezzos' teaching on infant feeding and sleeping as rigid (which is refuted on the infant FAQ page) but he has adopted essentially identical feeding recommendations as the Ezzos in his own book! Focus has also rebuffed other supporters of the Ezzos' ministry as well as Focus' own supporters who have attempted to bring the blatant errors to their attention. We have copies of such letters. These are just a few examples. Read more in the actual letters we wrote to Focus on the Family below.

Why Focus continues to promote such a clearly irresponsible position on the Ezzos is a mystery. However, it does appear that Dr. Dobson has put himself above accountability for his words and actions. If we ever get a clear answer from Focus or from Dr. Dobson that has substantive value, we'll post it here. Until then, we will do our part to help clear the name of the Ezzos and speak truth, believing as Proverbs 18:17 states: "The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him." If you want to contact Focus directly, you can send a letter to FOTF at Focus on the Family (street address not required) Colorado Springs, CO 80995, or log onto their website ( to send a comment by e-mail.

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