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Frank York

Hired in 1996, Frank York worked for GFI for approximately three years. GFI states that he was hired, in part, because his wife and Anne Marie were childhood friends. The Ezzos not only hired Frank, but also hired his two daughters. Frank claimed he was a ghost writer for Dr. Dobson, although later the Ezzos could not find anyone to confirm that Frank actually worked on any of Dr. Dobson's books. Frank has publicly claimed that he was GFI's "Editorial Director," yet GFI confirms that according to the hiring agreement and termination letter, Frank's job description reads "Writer/Editor." GFI never had a position entitled "Editorial Director." At one point, he was listed as Editorial Director on the GFI wesite, but the Ezzos state that he was never assigned that position and that they were not aware of Frank's claim as Editorial Director on the GFI website. Frank claims that he discovered many integrity issues, yet both of his daughters worked at GFI and one daughter continued working there for a short time after Frank's departure.

Many people have been led to believe that Frank's departure was voluntary, yet Frank was fired from GFI after multiple complaints about the quality of his work by staff and management. We have documentation that he was terminated. In an interview with a Syndney, Australia ABC radio station, Frank York was directly asked if he was fired ("sacked") from GFI, and he was forced to admit that he was (fired).

The Ezzos tried for three years to find a place for him to fit but in the end, the frustrations to the staff were too much and they had to let him go. However, the Ezzos were sufficiently concerned about his financial status that they graciously authorized three months severance pay plus medical benefits to help him while he looked for another job.

Frank York is a disgruntled employee that has taken to the Internet for his revenge. Frank has also publicly gone on record stating that an Australian court ruled against the Ezzos in a libel case, yet the court records show that the judge ruled in favor of the Ezzos on 19 libel imputations. The volume of mischaracterizations and absurd claims made by this man is overwhelming, and we will not try to answer them all here; however, we will address some of the major concerns in the FAQ section.

Sadly, Mr. York speaks volumes about his own character in the biting and sarcastic tone in which his information is shared--including the disrespectful cartoon caricatures chosen for his "Adventures in Ezzoland." For those of us who personally know the Ezzos, much of what Frank says is simply inconceivable and otherwise not even worthy of consideration by the discerning eye.

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