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Kathleen Terner has written at least four articles critical of the Ezzos and their ministry. She is not a journalist nor does she have a degree in theology. She has direct ties with known attachment parenting advocates, Dr. Sears and Dr. Aney and reportedly lives not far from each. Her writings also give strong preference to attachment parenting philosophies. This puts her at odds with the Ezzos, who have openly shared their concerns with the humanistic and psychological underpinnings of the attachment parenting philosophy and the La Leche League organization which promotes it.

Ms. Terners' articles on the Ezzos were written for the Christian Research Institute (CRI) and for Christianity Today (CT). Her propensity for truth twisting is quite sophisticated, including innuendo, half truths, and blatant misrepresentations. She has originated or reiterated most of the false accusations against the Ezzos which are discussed in the FAQ section. Having taught GFI classes for over ten years, we have had a lot of time to thoroughly evaluate the GFI material as well as become friends with the Ezzos. We see no truth in the negative characterization of the Ezzos and their ministry that Ms. Terner has promoted in her publications.

We do not have time or space here to cover all of the criticisms she has leveled against the Ezzos. The major ones covered in the FAQ section should suffice. Of course, you can read the entire GFI response to her articles in the PDF files below. Others have spoken out with criticism of Ms. Terner's journalistic methods and motives writing letters to the editors or to others as a means of defending GFI against what is clearly biased and inflammatory reporting. Some of those responses are available below. As one respected college chemistry professor and GFI supporter put it in discussing Ms. Terner's criticisms: "Honestly, I don't think it is necessary to drink the whole barrel to find that it is vinegar rather than wine."

Document Title File Type File Size
GFI's one page response to Terner's October 2000 Christianity Today article, "Unprepared To Teach Parenting" 61K
GFI's complete response to Terner's October 2000 Christianity Today article "Unprepared to Teach Parenting" 4.4MB
A GFI class leader and professor respond to some of Terner's more outrageous claims in the Christian Research Journal article 1MB
GFI's complete response to Ms. Terner's CRI article "More than a Parenting Ministry" 2.7MB
GFI's response to Ms. Terner's "A Matter of Bias" CRI Article 2.7MB

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