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Ezzo Controversy: Supporters Respond to the Critics

The following are responses to critics from GFI/Ezzo alumni and friends of the ministry. The exchanges give the reader a representative sample of the kind and quality of the criticism directed at Gary Ezzo as well as the quality of the thorough and gracious responses from those who are personally familiar with the Ezzos' teaching.

A La Leche League leader discusses her concerns about Babywise in an e-mail dialogue with a GFI leader couple. A detailed response with personal examples and documentation is provided for her.

A professor and GFI class leader for many years responds to his church leadership who are preparing to remove all GFI curricula from their church, based on the criticism of one couple. Read his well-reasoned letter to the Elders of his church here. (14 page PDF file)

A GFI leader couple who coordinates the GFI ministry at a large church responded to an article in Christianity Today, written by Randy Frame. Read the response here.

An attorney responds to the Randy Frame Christianity Today article. Read more here.

A physician responds to the Randy Frame Christanity Today article. Read his letter here.

Dr. Robert Bucknam, co-author of the On Becoming series responds to Dr. Matthew Aney's criticism in an article originally published in the AAP News. Read Dr. Bucknam's article here.

An advertisement for a GFI toddler class sent through a local homeschooling group e-mail loop elicits a bold response from one mom. Read her comments, how she arrived at her opionions, and the specific GFI alumni and class leaders' responses here.

A parenting ministry coordinator on staff at a mega-church responds to a church member who is critical of the fact that the church offers GFI classes. Read the response of the coordinator, who was thoroughly familiar with the curricula and knew the Ezzos personally.

A pastor responds to a letter of concern from a mother about his church offering GFI classes. Since this pastor and his wife had actually attended classes themselves, they were able to speak clearly to the soundness of the teaching. Read his letter here.

A pastor responds to a letter from a woman in another state who was on a crusade to keep GFI classes out of churches. Read the pastor's response here.

A family ministries coordinator at a large church in Kentucky answers an e-mail sent to the church. This e-mail came from someone not connected to the church who saw (on the church website) that GFI classes were being offered there. This is a good example of how GFI/Ezzo attachment parenting critics use tactics such as searching the web for churches offering GFI classes, and then sending letters to the pastors to convince them to stop offering the classes. Read the response from the Family Ministries Coordinator, which thoroughly answers the false claims (from various Internet postings) that were made in the critical e-mail.

The headmaster of a Christian school discusses how his family and the school have benefitted from Growing Kids God's Way, and the GFI ministry. He also speaks to his personal impressions of Gary Ezzo, whom he met twice. Read his letter here.

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