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Many physicians use and endorse the parenting curricula and books authored by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam. On Becoming Babywise especially has been very popular. Millions of parents around the world have found the principles in Babywise a welcome relief from sleepless nights. Janet D. MD writes, "As a pediatrician, I cannot argue with the success of On Becoming Babywise. It is such a practical approach to parenting. It provides infants with the needed structure and stability and brings the joy and love so needed in our homes today... Parents tell me, 'it literally changed our lives'." As an obstetrician and mother, Sharon N. MD states, "Because the principles of On Becoming Babywise are so effective, I consider it part of my extended health care for the entire family... They constantly produce babies who are healthy, content, and who sleep through the night at an early age. Feeding on demand cannot compare to the overall health benefits of Babywise."

Linda M. MD is a pediatrician and professor of pediatrics at Virginia Commonwealth University. She works with mothers and in a teaching capacity with residents. She has this to say about Babywise: "The freedom Babywise provides a new mother is so refreshing. Life is predictable, allowing her to be proactive in parenting, not reactive..." She also states that the residents and new mothers have found On Becoming Babywise to be overwhelmingly successful. That is quite an endorsement.

Personally, we have found the principles in Babywise to be sound parenting advice helping parents to feel confident and relaxed. David B. MD, a practicing pediatrician, husband, and father echoes this when he writes, "...I enthusiastically recommend On Becoming Babywise. I found the principles contained within to be a sigh of relief to sleepless, weary parents, ... the well-tested principles of Babywise produce confident parents, secure and content infants, and peaceful and orderly homes." Other testimonies from physicians regarding On Becoming Babywise, Growing Kid's God's way, Preparation for Parenting (Let the Children Come - Along the Infant Way) and Preparation for the Toddler Years (Let the Children Come - Along the Toddler Way) are given below.

Robert P. Turner, MD, MSCR
As a neurologist specializing and board-certified in pediatric neurology, clinical neurophysiology, and neurodevelopmental disabilities, I fully support, regularly implement, and heartily recommend all of the materials from Growing Families International.

For almost 15 years, I have had personal experience learning, implementing, and teaching these sound principles.

These materials span the development of the child, from before birth, to the teen years and beyond. Over and over, I have seen these principles applied in my practice, slowly, diligently, and humbly, and have seen tremendous growth and developmental maturity, improvement in immaturities of moral development such as self-control, impulse control, and other-centered thinking. These three character qualities are no longer intrinsically taught or learned in the early years, and the unfortunate results are evident daily in the practices of family physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, and pediatric neurologists.

These materials put biblically-sound, time-proven, common-sense "tools" into the hands and hearts of parents. They work. Even in situations where there is severe neurological dysfunction in a child, there are still issues of character, moral, and self-control training which need to be addressed by parents and care givers - the biblically-based materials of Growing Families International are among the best tools available anywhere.

Robert P. Turner, MD, MSCR
Associate Professor, Departments of Neurosciences, Pediatrics, and Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, & Epidemiology
Director, Pediatric Epilepsy Program
Charleston, SC, USA
Luke Nightingale, MD
I have the privilege of serving in a rural community in upstate New York. My practice serves a spectrum of people from newborns to those in their 90s. All are involved, in some way, in the parenting process.

The children need guidance in self-control. Focusing and concentrating skills help with school work. A major health problem is obesity - which also responds to self-control. The happiest, most content children in the practice are the product of the other-oriented principles taught by Growing Families International.

Young to middle-age adults are in the thick of the parenting process. They are also time pressured. Today's world makes many demands of their schedule. I have given out hundreds of copies of the On Becoming...series books. The books serve as an introduction to Biblical principles.

Senior citizens are also involved in the on-going parenting process. The realities of widespread divorce and self-centeredness often leave the grandparents with the responsibility of raising the grandchild/children. This situation is a challenge to those with limited resources of strength and finances. The seniors often know what they want to see in their grandchildren but no longer have societal support for their goals. The On Becoming series provides support for raising responsible children.

As a physician, I see the impossibility of distinguishing between physical and emotional health. One cannot be physically healthy without emotional/spiritual health. My time is very limited per person at the office. The freedom of inviting patients to my home for parenting classes allows me to have a lasting influence on their well being.

During the 10 years that we have been teaching GFI classes in our home, my wife and I have seen emotional health restored, marriages healed, people exposed to the Gospel, and Christians motivated to serve others.

GFI makes my vocation as a Christian physician a satisfying and effective experience.

With respect,

Luke Nightingale, M.D. Family Practice Physician
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine,
Albany Medical College, Albany, NY.
John C., MD
1998 letter from Dr. John C., in response to an article published in a major Christian publication:

In your February issue, Michael Maudlin requested a response to your efforts and choices in presenting debatable issues. Randy Frame's article "Growing Criticism" concerning GFI and the Ezzos was a very weak choice and a calculated attack rather than an effort to fairly present the issues being raised by those who disagree with GFI material. This is your second of two articles, and both have been extremely biased with no effort to fairly present GFI's position. The biased approach can be refuted point by point, but I will confine my remarks to the medical evaluation of parent directed breastfeeding and the comments of those in the medical and psychological fields who disagree with this approach.

There are no medical studies that prove the superiority of demand breastfeeding over parent directed breastfeeding. The medical profession has only come to the conclusion that breastfeeding is superior in the last twenty years. We know medically that it is best to breastfeed and to continue to breastfeed for six or more months. Highly motivated mothers will attempt to be successful at breastfeeding as long as possible, often ignoring warning signs because they want to succeed. In my years of practice as an OB/GYN, I have seen hundreds of low birth weight and mildly dehydrated babies whose mothers attempted to demand feed without success. I do not remember hearing these mothers criticized unless they refused to supplement when needed.

The remarks about the increased number of babies seen in the emergency room are biased because there is no control group for comparison. The most likely reason they were recognized is that they use a different approach than demand feeding. I assure you that if you will compare an equal number of demand breastfed infants with parent directed feeding, you will find the latter group to be as successful as or more so than demand feeding. There are small studies now in progress addressing this issue.

The remarks by psychologists, lactation consultants, etc., are obviously their opinion only. There are equally trained specialists who would disagree and support GFI. There are many areas in medicine and the social sciences that are controversial and lead to opposing opinions by equally trained individuals. National organizations such as ACOG support issues such as abortion and all its members do not agree that this is a correct conclusion. The MP has considered a resolution to define spanking as child abuse. If this indeed occurred, should we all say that they are right, and the opposing position is wrong? Psychology and Sociology have presented so many concepts foreign to Scripture. It is difficult to be concerned when they feel we are threatening the development of our children with absolutely no evidence to support their view. The major issue raised against GFI is the course Preparation for Parenting and the book Babywise, which present parent directed breastfeeding instead of demand breastfeeding. There are a number of groups who obviously feel very strongly that demand feeding is the only way. Studies will ultimately reveal the success rate of each approach as infant weights are recorded and duration of breastfeeding is evaluated. The other issues are minor and never can be scientifically resolved. The conduct and development of the children will tell the story. I am a Board Certified and Recertified OB/GYN who practiced Obstetrics for twenty-five years. I have six adult children, and one teenager, all walking with the Lord (five of whom are Wheaton College graduates). I am also a member of the Medial Advisory Board of GFI.


John C., MD
Jon R., MD and Marjorie R.
We are writing in support of the GKGW ministry. We must admit, when we started with this program we were initially skeptical. But we decided to give it a chance knowing that our faith wouldn't be shaken and that our parenting (which we knew was already perfect!) couldn't be improved. How wrong we were. By the time we were finished with the session entitled "The Fathers Mandate" we were both hooked. We found the 18 week series to be challenging, biblically sound, and extremely worthwhile (so much so that we immediately followed our first session with a second 18 week session to further solidify our parenting). Subsequently, we attended the parenting conference held at our church last fall and have studied audio and video tapes of other programs in the series. Additionally, at the parenting conference we had the opportunity to personally discuss parenting issues as well as the motivating influences behind these programs with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo themselves.

In spite of the fact that we believe these parenting principles to be sound and extremely valuable for the modern parent (especially the parent attempting to instill Christian principles into their child's heart) we believe this program functions in other ways important to a church (we personally know several families in whom the spirit of Christianity has been reawakened because of this program-one of whom has joined our church after going through this series at our church!). We recommend this program to all interested in parenting and even distribute information through our office to all our pregnant couples.

Unfortunately, in all things good there exists controversy (Satan would have it no other way!). We are aware of criticism (from some liberal medical and social organizations who reject biblical foundation and wrongly believe that those who accept The Word are mere parrots simply regurgitating the words and phrases that they have been fed unable to think and discern for themselves). How wrong these critics are! Not all of the Ezzos' teachings apply to each individual family, but all are based on strong biblical values. Hopefully, individual families are able to take this foundation and build upon it to craft the family structure which is right in their situation. This has been wonderful for [our family] and we are aware of numerous other families who feel similarly.

In His service we remain,
Jon R., MD and Marjorie R.
Paula K. MD - Texas, USA
Before we had children, we were introduced to the GFI currricula of Preparation for Parenting, Preparation for the Toddler Years, and Growing Kids God's Way. As a pediatrician, I approached the material rather skeptically, but after reading all the curricula and listening to the audiocassettes along with my husband, I realized the biblical foundation that is at the core of this curricula is true. It not only is true, but life and marriage changing.

I think that if you prayerfully evaluate the material, you will arrive at the same conclusions that my husband and I have - GFI is a sound, biblically based organization and the principles are taught in a balanced, non-legalistic way. As parents, we are encouraged to think and not follow a "cookbook" of parenting. I believe in the principles so much that I provide the non-sectarian versions of Prep called Babywise I and II, in my office for parents of patients, at a reduced price (I purchased in bulk). All of the children in my practice that have been raised by the principles in Prep/Babywise that do not have an underlying disease (e.g.: gastroesophageal reflux disease or severe allergic enteropathy) have thrived physically and otherwise. These babies sleep through the night earlier than demand fed infants, wake up happier and tend to be healthier. They have structure and a routine in their little lives and their parents are confident in their parenting.

May the Lord Jesus guide you as you evaluate the GFI curriculae.

In Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Paula K. MD
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
Sevinch O., M.D. Cobar NSW
I am a GP with an interest in, and training in pediatrics and family medicine. Prior to reading and putting into practice the principles of Preparation for Parenting (now called "Let the Children Come - Along the Infant Way) I thought I was well versed in Early Childhood Development. My experience with babies and families had prepared me for the worst possible scenarios when our first boy was born. The Preparation for Parenting did the complete opposite and gave us confidence as parents, restful nights, happy babies and an ordered life.

I can honestly say that there was a huge hole in my knowledge and experience, and this course has given me a far greater understanding and confidence in my medical practice also. I am thrilled with the results we have experienced now with both of our children, and am excited to be able to share a whole new realm of parenting with my patients and community.

Sevinch O., M.D. Cobar NSW
Craig L., M.D. Brisbane, Qld
Medical school in no way prepared me for one of the more demanding aspects of my practice: dealing with infant feeding. The theory of feeding a baby whenever it cries, which was standard teaching was not only without justification - it simply did not meet the needs of my patients. Since being introduced to the principles of Along the Infant Way, I have been convinced of their effectiveness in establishing sleep patterns and in decreasing the frequency of problems associated with infant feeding. If thriving children and happy, rested parents were not enough, my greatest commendation of this material is that my own children are being raised by these precepts.

Craig L., M.D. Brisbane, Qld
Dr Lydia K., M.D. Perth W A
The Preparation for Parenting material interested my husband and I as it discussed practical and medically sound ways of caring for a baby. We were encouraged to look at the person holistically - baby and family. Sleeping through the night was a nice benefit and the importance of the husband and wife relationship and consideration of others in child rearing impressed us. The important principle we learnt was to think for ourselves, to be flexible and to avoid using this as a strict set of rules.

Dr Lydia K., M.D. Perth W A
Kae T., Community Nurse, Child Health, Perth W A
As a Community Nurse working in the area of Child Health, I am encouraged to note the number of parents with new babies who are following the principles of Preparation for Parenting. They are commenting on the huge differences they are finding now that they are following the patterning process with their babies care. A flexible feeding routine is gradually being extolled by the mothers who are actually putting this into practice. They find the babe is far more contented, settles much quicker and suffers far less crying when in this pattern and having regular feeds, play and sleep each day than those babies who are demand fed.

Kae T., Community Nurse, Child Health, Perth W A

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