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Steve Rein owns and operates ezzoinfo, a website specifically dedicated to providing mostly negative information about Gary Ezzo and Growing Families International. Mr. Rein has been a long time supporter of "attachment" parenting, a parenting philosophy that the Ezzos disagree with in its extreme form. It is frequently associated with the LaLeche League. The Ezzos are not alone in their concerns about the potential dangers of this parenting philosophy. The Wall Street Journal (July 22nd, 1994) reported that nearly 200,000 infants a year are diagnosed with "failure to thrive." Most of these are associated with "just feed more often" advice, a basic tenet of the attachment parenting teaching.

Rein posts testimonies on his site from attachment parenting supporters about the perceived dangers of the Ezzo parenting methods. However, once you read through the claims, then read through the teaching of Gary Ezzo, one quickly discovers a great disparity between what the critics say and what Gary Ezzo actually teach. For the sake of balance and clarity we have posted many testimonials on this site that give support to the Ezzo methods. Letters from doctors, lawyers, pastors - people from many walks of life. The amount of misrepresentation on Mr. Rein's site is staggering. As such, it is not possible to comment on it all. We have dealt with most of the issues on the FAQ page which should give the reader an idea of deception that is being promoted on his site. However, we do think that his character might be fairly well summarized in the following account. We would not share this information about Mr. Rein if this were but a simple disagreement between individuals, but the integrity of Gary Ezzo and his Christian ministry is at stake on an international basis. Proverbs 18:17 reminds us that "the first one to present his case seems right until the second one comes along and questions him." His website postings should be viewed with extreme caution and prayerful consideration.

In addition to the many false and misleading postings found on his site, we have personally seen the written documents implicating Mr. Rein in a potentially prosecutable crime against GFI. In 1997 GFI discovered that a password protected area and other back areas of their computer were wrongfully accessed leaving behind an electronic fingerprint. The matter was first turned over to local and federal law enforcement officers for review and comment. An investigation of criminal misconduct followed. GFI reports that their management personnel retraced the wrongful access back to a single computer located on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, (VCU). The computer was assigned to Professor Steve Rein.

GFI then presented their extensive documentation to VCU officials and requested they take appropriate administrative action against Mr. Rein, which included the removal of his "anti-Ezzo" website from the State's computers, (formerly called "Red Rhino"). Through a series of meetings and phone conversations with VCU officials and the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney, GFI felt confident that the matter would be fully investigated and properly resolved. In a letter from GFI legal representatives, GFI was informed that the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney indicated that "VCU had taken administrative action against Steve Rein." Rein's site was removed from VCU's computers and Mr. Rein left VCU before the next fall semester. With this bit of historical context and the action taken by GFI against Mr. Rein, we believe a case can be made to at least question Mr. Rein's motives and the tone of his site, if not the entire credibility of his website.

Since our initial posting Mr. Rein contacted us claiming he was wronged by the insinuation that he hacked into the GFI computers. We assume because it implies criminal misconduct. We wish to be very accurate with both our words and the description of the events that took place between GFI and Virginia Commonwealth University with regard to this incident. We are very willing to remove the word hacked from the original post and replace it with wrongfully accessed. However, it does not remove the significant concerns and evidence that lead GFI to pursue VCU nor does simply removing the word exonerate Mr. Rein from involvement in the intruder activity. Mr. Rein also states that his leaving VCU had nothing to do with the GFI claim against him. We have asked Mr. Rein some very specific questions regarding this incident and his leaving VCU but to date, he has refused to answer any of our questions. More evidence supportive of GFI's position will be added as needed. In addition, any other information which comes to our attention which would change our understanding of this event will be promptly posted.

Questions Steve Rein refused to answer

1. Legality aside, do you think it is morally or ethically acceptable for anyone to enter back sectors and password protected areas of a corporate computer, browse through files, take very specific information not made readily available to the public or linked as a viewable page, and then download and pass the information on to others?

2. For absolute clarity, are you asserting that you have never entered password or non-password protected areas of the GFI computers or that you never downloaded files from nonpublic areas of GFI computers and passed them (or their URLs) to another party?

3. Did you access and download or retrieve in any form, guestbook information from GFI computers?

4. In Christianity Today, (November 13, 2000) your name appears in an article written by Kathleen Terner clearly stating that "GFI asked legal authorities to take criminal action against Rein." We were not made aware of this event from GFI or any other source (either publicly or privately) until Christianity Today made it public. Do you know how CT obtained this information? If you did not provide it, did you make a written protest to Christianity Today for bringing this issue to public awareness implicating you in something possibly worthy of criminal charges?

5. Are you aware of any documentation or meetings noting that VCU took administrative actions against you or that VCU exonerated you in light of GFI claims relating to an unauthorized entry into password protected areas of their computers?

6. Are you maintaining that VCU did not request that you remove your "RedRhino" site from their computers in response to GFl claims against you?

7. Would you please clarify for us the circumstances surrounding your departure from VCU? What date did you officially resign from VCU? If you did not resign, was your contract just not renewed for some reason? What was the reason? You mentioned that you were hoping to relocate back to the west coast closer to family. If you resigned due to taking another job, we would really appreciate seeing a copy of your resignation letter or whatever documented evidence you have to notify VCU that you would not be returning. If your contract was not renewed, please provide the date that VCU notified you. Did you know that your contract was not being renewed before you decided to look for another job?

8. Please explain in detail how you came in possession of two versions of a letter concerning Roy Maynard which were in the GFI computer. Did you pass that information to Kathy Nesper, or anyone else? Were/are you co-owner of the PAM list with Kathy Nesper?

9. Are you saying that you did not meet with VCU officials or anyone else concerning the GFI claim against you?

10. Have you at any time notified the Ezzos of information to be posted on your site which may have impugned their character or their ministry efforts to find out if your information was correct? Did you ever ask them for the other side of the story on any specific issue? Please list those topics which you have listed on your site that you have discussed with the Ezzos before your post.

11. Would you please give us a prepared statement as to why you feel it is necessary to have the ezzoinfo website along with your biblical justification for your site.

12. Are you denying that your Red Rhino site which contained your personal information about the Ezzos was on VCU computers? Please quote the VCU guidelines regarding the use of their computers that gave you permission to use them for your own personal, non-university related purposes related to accessing the GFI computers and downloading information that was not made public or linked to a viewable page.

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