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Click on a link below to read letters from parents and others around the country (and around the world) who have used and benefited from Growing Families International resources. In some cases, we have left out an identifying feature of the person giving the testimonial. Some of the "Attachment" parenting critics of the Ezzos have been vicious in their attacks not only of the Ezzos and their ministry but also of those who have publicly supported the ministry. As reprehensible as their actions are, it does happen and we only want to protect their privacy.

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Preparation for Parenting/...Infant Way/Babywise
Stories from those who have been blessed by the infant teaching.

Growing Kids God's Way/...Virtuous Way
Stories from those who have been blessed by Growing Kids God's Way.

Reaching The Heart of Your Teen/...Adolescent Way
Comments from parents who took a GFI teen class.

Stories from those who have taken the new "Childwise" class.

Doctors who endorse the GFI materials.

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