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Urban Legends

Urban legend is the name given to e-mail hoaxes and (generally) untrue stories that get quickly passed around the Internet and sometimes take on a life of their own. If you're not familiar with the term "urban legend" see this article for a brief description

Because so many people are quick to believe what they see in writing, there has evolved a whole new type of website devoted to researching and reporting on which widely circulating stories and e-mails can be believed, and which ones cannot. Some Urban Legend sites include:

There are undoubtedly others. We highly recommend that all individuals, but particularly Christians, should check out these sites before passing along ANY e-mail stories or warnings. As a believer, you do not want to be the unwitting participant in gossip or slander, or the spreading of false reports, possibly resulting in destroying the reputation of a company or an individual.

This site is, in part, an attempt to "debunk" the "urban legends" that have been propagated on the Internet regarding the Ezzos. We realize that most people who are investigating various parenting resources do not have the time or energy to do the research we have done on the Ezzos and the GFI ministry and so by default they may take at face value what is reported by others. Here, we hope to give you the facts of the matter, and you will see that you cannot believe everything you read--even what is reported by major "Christian" news organizations.

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