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Ezzo Controversy: Why Is Ezzotruth Necessary?

We are discouraged that people are so willing to pass along negative information or create controversy without first taking the time to find out whether it is true. The reality, however, is that most people who are investigating Gary Ezzo or his parenting materials do not have the time or resources to get to the bottom of the issues that have been raised by the most vocal Internet critics. Thus, there is a very real temptation to take the controversy at face value, to believe it just because there is so MUCH of it (where there's smoke, there must be fire?). While the Ezzos and the GFI ministry have many notable supporters in the Christian Leadership community, the voices of a few radical attachment parenting critics have all but drowned out the voices of the many supporters and grateful parents who have been impacted by the Ezzos' teaching. Thanks to the Internet, what is pure folly appears all over the world as truth.

If Gary Ezzo has made any errors, it is perhaps that he has not responded earlier to quell the controversy, the outrageous claims, and distortions of the truth. The Ezzos preferred to remain silent only because they were concerned that a response would indict other Christians before the rest of the world. They felt that we needed unity, not division. They have tried to resolve these matters on a personal basis but the accusers have corporately been unresponsive. We have letters of communication in this regard. The Ezzos do not have the time or energy to deal with these issues on a grand scale. They prefer to keep focused on the message of biblical parenting. We have stepped up to the plate to fill the gap and give a truthful expose' of the ministry and the Ezzos personally.

We wish tthat Ezzotruth were not necessary, but due to controversy from the proliferation of false and misleading negative reports, it is time for the critics to be answered and the truth to receive a hearing in the same public forum that the falsehoods have been spread. Consider this site like the urban legend sites, where you can go to check out crazy e-mail warnings to make sure they're true before you pass them along. We do not expect to convince the critics. However, we do offer a voice of reason and a ray of hope to those who are really seeking TRUTH and would like to know whether or not to use the GFI materials in their church or their family.

It is our sincere prayer that this site will provide a fair response to the critics with truth spoken in love. If we err in any way, we ask you to be kind enough to bring to our attention in the same spirit.

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